About us

ab1LUNAmoon is a Ukrainian brand of materials for the nail industry.
We are bright, we are unique, we remain ourselves.
The LUNAmoon brand has a complete line of materials for nail industry masters. Working on the system of materials of our brand, you get a guarantee of the quality of the coating for your customers, health safety, which is confirmed by the CPNP certificate.
We have the widest palette of colors on the Ukrainian market. Presented, both covering materials and for the manicure itself.
Anastasia Kotenko, founder of the brand and ideological inspiration, is a vivid example of the fact that being yourself and developing your own individual style is the best decision!
We are not afraid to be bright, set trends and bring our ideas to life.





To follow only our rules, to add more colors to life, but at the same time to be better at what we do.
We are perfectionists in our work because we do what we love.
Our materials are safe, reliable and unique.
By choosing LUNAmoon, you become part of a community of people who want to be better at their work. Our work system allows us to be open with masters. Hear you and respond to market changes quickly and efficiently.
Let's change the world of the nail industry together and be #1 in our field.


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