Gel-paint for nails Metallic Gel No. 1 5ml

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Metallic gel is a metallic gel paint for designs. The paint is quite liquid, great for drawing compositions.

Application method:

  • Before applying this paint, it is recommended to wipe off the tack from the coating.
  • This paint is for designs only.
  • Not suitable for overlapping the entire nail, as well as for a French jacket.
  • You cannot use it to make three-dimensional designs and apply it in a very rough layer.
  • After drying, you can not wipe off the stickiness and generally touch it with fingers, a brush, etc.
  • Dry in a 48 W lamp for 120 seconds.
  • When covering with a top, you can not press too hard on the brush, as due to strong pressure you can rub the chrome.
  • After applying the top, a 10-20% loss of gloss is possible, due to the fact that the top absorbs the chrome itself in the paint. It is best to use the Non wipe top from Lunamoon.
  • Dry the top for 120 seconds.

Importantly! Before use, the paint must be thoroughly mixed for
uniform distribution of pigment. It is not recommended to use as a stand-alone

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10 March 2024
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