Договір оферти

Terms of Use of the Website

1. General Provisions
1.1. This Agreement defines the terms of use by Users (Buyers) of materials and services of the website https://lunamoon.in.ua/ (hereinafter referred to as the Site, website, online store).

1.2. This agreement, in accordance with Art. 633, Art. 641 and Ch. 63 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, is a public contract (offer) and is addressed to an indefinite circle of persons regardless of status (individual, legal entity, individual entrepreneur) who wish to purchase goods in the online store https://lunamoon.in.ua/.

Other third parties (not the Administration) using the services of https://lunamoon.in.ua/ to sell their goods on the Internet may be sellers of the goods. Information about such sellers is provided by the Administration at the request of the User (Buyer).

1.3. Since this Agreement is a public offer, by accessing the materials of the Site, the User (Buyer) is considered a participant in this Agreement.

1.4. The Site Administration (owner of the website https://lunamoon.in.ua/ and/or persons authorized by it) has the right at any time to unilaterally change the terms of this Agreement. The new or amended Agreement shall enter into force upon its publication on the Site. If the User disagrees with the changes made, he/she is obliged to refrain from accessing the Site and stop using the materials and services of the Site.

1.5. The Buyer agrees to this public offer in general and without reservation when placing an Order on the Site.

1.6. The Visitor (Buyer) agrees that all terms of the User Agreement are clear to him/her, and he/she fully and unconditionally accepts them.

2. Registration on the Site
2.1. To place orders on the Site, the User (Buyer) may undergo the registration procedure and provide the necessary data according to the questionnaire.

2.2. During registration on the Site, the User (Buyer) undertakes to provide truthful information about himself/herself and his/her contact details for the Administration of the Site to fulfill its obligations to the User (Buyer) and deliver the paid Goods to him/her.

2.3. During registration on the Site, the User (Buyer) specifies a login (his/her e-mail) and password, for the security of which he/she is responsible. The User (Buyer) undertakes not to disclose the login and password specified during registration to third parties, keep this data in a place inaccessible to third parties. The Buyer is solely responsible for all actions performed on his/her behalf, i.e., using his/her login and password.

3. Order Placement Procedure, Pricing, Exchange.
3.1. The Visitor (Buyer) can place an order independently by pressing the "buy" and "place an order" buttons or by the number indicated at the top of the page. After placing the order, the Buyer will be sent a message confirming the order to the contacts specified during the order placement and the availability of the goods or the anticipated date of receipt of the goods in case of their absence. When placing an order by phone, the message will be sent via telephone communication.

3.2. In case the goods indicated on the Site are not available due to technical difficulties, as well as for other reasons beyond the control of the Administration, the specified order is canceled in full or in part, and the Visitor (Buyer) is informed by sending a message.

3.3. By accepting this Agreement and placing an order, the User (Buyer) confirms that he/she is familiar with the sections of the Site "Delivery and Payment", "About Us", agrees with them and fully understands them. The Administration reserves the right to change the delivery term of the order with the appropriate warning to the user.

3.4. The Visitor (Buyer) agrees that the price of the goods added to the "cart", its assortment, and quantity, will be relevant only at the time of forming the "cart" and may change if the purchase was not finally completed by pressing the "place an order", "buy" button.

3.5. The Visitor (Buyer) agrees that the purchased Goods are not subject to exchange and return in the following cases:

3.5.1. More than 14 calendar days have passed since the purchase of the Goods;

3.5.2. Less than 14 calendar days have passed since the purchase of the Goods, but the goods were used, the integrity of the packaging and/or completeness were violated, tags/price tags, etc., are missing.

The Goods belong to the list of goods that are not subject to return and exchange, in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 172 of March 19, 1994 (as amended) http://zakon4.rada.gov.ua , namely:
Food products, medicines and hygiene products.

Non-food products:

perfumery and cosmetic products;

combs, brushes, and massage brushes;


goods in aerosol packaging;

manicure and pedicure tools (scissors, files, etc.).

3.5.3. The Visitor (Buyer) refuses to provide photo or video materials of the defective and/or faulty goods, in his/her opinion.

3.6. By this Agreement, the User (Buyer) confirms his/her awareness that only new goods that have not been used and have no signs of use: scratches, chips; the full set of goods, integrity and all components of the packaging, tags, labeling are preserved; and the Visitor (Buyer) has the original document confirming the purchase of the respective Goods. Violation of any of these points gives the Administration the right to refuse the Visitor (Buyer) in the exchange or return of the goods.

3.7. When ordering goods on the website, the User (Buyer) agrees to receive information about the date of manufacture, shelf life of the product in the format provided by the brand manufacturer, indicated on the product packaging, or other manufacturer markings.

3.8. When ordering goods on the website, the User (Buyer) agrees to combine orders placed by one recipient in one package and receive them in one shipment. In case of combining orders, the User (Buyer) will be notified by a message sent to the e-mail specified during registration.

3.9. In case of refusal by the Visitor (Buyer) of the product, the Administration returns to the Buyer the amount paid by the Buyer, excluding the Seller's expenses for delivery from the Buyer of the returned goods.

4. Responsibilities of the Parties
4.1. The Administration shall not be liable for any errors, typographical errors, and inaccuracies that may be found in the materials contained on this website. The Administration makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information on the website of the online store. All information and materials are provided on an "as is" basis, without any warranties, whether express or implied.

4.2. The Administration shall not be liable for the statements and opinions of Visitors (Buyers) of the website left as comments or reviews.

4.3. The Administration shall not be liable for any unlawful actions of the Visitor (Buyer) towards third parties or actions of third parties towards the Visitor (Buyer).

4.4. The Administration shall not be liable for any damages, losses, or expenses (actual or potential) arising from the use or inability to use this website.

4.5. The Administration shall not be liable for the loss by the User (Buyer) of the opportunity to access their account — an account on the website https://lunamoon.in.ua/ (loss of login, password, other information).

4.6. For the purpose mentioned above, the Administration reserves the right to delete information posted on the Site and take technical and legal measures to prevent access to the Internet store by users (Buyers) who create problems in using the Internet store for other Visitors (Buyers), Users (Buyers) in case of any dishonest abuses on their part when ordering goods that are not intended for purchase, or Visitors (Buyers) who violate the terms of the Agreement. Such blocking occurs at the discretion of the administration without subsequent notification of such Users (Buyers).

4.7. The website administration shall not be liable for:

4.7.1. Delays or failures in the process of carrying out an operation due to force majeure, as well as any cases of disruptions in telecommunications, computer, electrical, and other related systems.

4.7.2. The actions of money transfer systems, banks, payment systems, and for delays associated with their operation.

4.7.3. The proper functioning of the Site if the Visitor (Buyer) does not have the necessary technical means to use it, and also does not bear any obligations to provide users with such means.

4.8. The Parties are responsible for fulfilling their obligations in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and the provisions of this Agreement.

4.9. The Seller or the Buyer shall be released from liability for complete or partial non-fulfillment of their obligations if the non-fulfillment is the result of force majeure circumstances such as war or military actions, earthquake, flood, fire, and other natural disasters that occurred independently of the will of the Seller and/or the Buyer after the conclusion of this agreement. The party unable to fulfill its obligations immediately notifies the other Party.

5. Exclusive Rights
5.1. All objects available through the services of the Website https://lunamoon.in.ua/, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, computer programs, databases, music, sounds, and other objects (hereinafter referred to as the content of the services), as well as any content posted on the website https://lunamoon.in.ua/, are objects of exclusive rights of the Administration, users, and other right holders.

5.2. The use of content, as well as any other elements of the services, is possible only within the functionality offered by a particular service. No elements of the content of the Site https://lunamoon.in.ua/ services, as well as any content posted on the Site https://lunamoon.in.ua/, may be used in any other way without the prior permission/consent of the right holder. The use includes reproduction, copying, processing, distribution on any basis, display in a raffle, etc. An exception is made for cases directly provided for by the legislation of Ukraine. The use by the User of elements of the content of the services, as well as any content for personal non-commercial use, is allowed provided that all copyright notices, related rights, trademarks, other authorship notices are preserved, and the name (or pseudonym) of the author/right holder is preserved unchanged. Exceptions are cases directly provided for by the legislation of Ukraine.

5.3. For all questions regarding rights, as well as for other questions and proposals, you can contact us at the email address: lunagel.cooperation@gmail.com


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