Gel-jelly Jelly Gelly No. 1 15ml

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Gel for extension Jelly Gelly with a unique consistency of jelly that does not flow, while it is easily leveled with a brush and allows you to create the perfect architecture of the nail with minimal dust. It is intended for correction and extension of nails, restoration of damaged nail plates, repair of corners. Due to the viscous and thick consistency, nail modeling with such a gel will be done easily and quickly, even by a novice artist. After polymerization, it holds the most complex shape and length well, and will keep the manicure flawless for a long time.

  • the wavelength for polymerization is 380-420 nm
  • the power of the UV/Led lamp is 36-48W
  • permissible coating thickness 0.5 mm at the end/ 1 mm at the apex
  • full polymerization 120 sec



  • the consistency is thick
  • does not cause burning in the lamp, because it is low temperature
  • perfectly holds the arch and does not deform
  • acid free
  • pigmentation is average, covers the free edge
  • suitable for strengthening, building up, modeling complex forms and correction
  • thixotropic
  • changes its consistency depending on the air temperature: it becomes thicker in the cold, thinner in the heat
  • can be additionally heated to make the gel thinner
  • hard and strong
  • must be lined with Rubber Base LUNAmoon
  • for strengthening with this gel, you need to file the natural nail

Method of application during RESTORATION:

  1. withdrawal
  2. do not dust the shape of the nail, or leave a spare 2 mm of length, which we dust and take away after alignment
  3. with a saw of 220 grit, file the nail from above without strong pressure, lifting the scales of the nail plate, or use a buff of 100 grit
  4. we do a manicure
  5. degrease the nail using Nail Prep LUNAmoon:
  6. you need to make two approaches
  7. we use 4 napkins, one napkin for 5 fingers
  8. the first approach: we wipe the surface of the nail
  9. second approach: take an orange stick, put on a napkin and wipe everything in the cuticle area and sinuses
  10. we use primers as desired, but if the base for the substrate has sufficient acidity, then primers are not needed
  11. lining with Rubber Base LUNAmoon:
  12. it is best to apply with a flat brush for gel, the movements should be rubbing, it is important to draw all the sinuses of the nail
  13. dry in a lamp for 60 seconds
  14. erase stickiness
  15. apply Jelly Gelly extension gel to the stress zone of the nail and pull it to the free edge, fully modeling the shape of the free edge, you need to look at the side of the nail and make sure that the upper line of the gel drop aligns the biting free edge
  16. dry for 120 seconds
  17. we make sawdust, removing all irregularities, be sure to align all side parallels and make clear side lines of the nail and corners (if we make a restoration)
  18. we recommend to repaint the areas with the base where sawing was done with a saw, because during sawing, the lower lining of the Rubber base could be removed, this can cause peeling, because there will be a gel on top that does not have adhesion to the natural nail: lightly pass the base with a gel brush and dry 60 sec
  19. alignment can be done with a liquid acrylic gel or a base, in addition, you need to leave a margin of 0.5-1 mm from the cuticle, dry in a lamp for 120 seconds
  20. sawdust of the form after leveling, this is necessary in order to form a thickness on the end that will hold the free edge
  21. it is necessary to file the natural nail for better wearability, if this is not done, there will be peeling on the free edge of the nail
  22. after sawing, we wipe off the stickiness
  23. cover with gel polish if necessary
  24. cover with LUNAmoon TOPand dry for 120 seconds
  25. after drying, do not wipe with anything, otherwise you can lose the shine


  • if we work with removers, after using them, you need to wash your hands with soap and water
    (Photos of the product on the website may differ from the real product)


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