Carbide cutter for removing blue gel polish

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Carbide cutter - nozzle for filing, correction of acrylic and gel nails, removal of artificial coating.

Features of the cutter:

  • blue notch - hard. Suitable for quick removal of hard material. Ideal for removing a thick layer of coating, extended gel nails and strengthening;
  • it is recommended not to remove the coating to "zero" with it, since the teeth are deep and if you press too hard on the cutter, you can easily make a cut in the dorsal layer;
  • hard, wear-resistant material that guarantees a long service life;
  • professional sharpening of the tool.

Application of the milling cutter:

  • removal of artificial coatings;
  • carving;
  • length correction and modeling;


  1. Immerse the nozzle in a disinfectant solution in a special container or ultrasonic cleaner.
  2. Rinse with cold water.
  3. Clean with a brush and process with a dry heat or ultrasonic sterilizer.
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