Ceramic cutter for removing red gel polish

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Corn cutter is a universal nozzle designed for hardware manicure and pedicure. The milling cutter is used for processing large surfaces (removing gel varnish or removing calluses). Due to the fact that ceramics are much stronger and harder than metal, the teeth of the nozzle are sharpened much better and retain their sharpness longer.

Features of the ceramic cutter:

  • form: corn;
  • the red notch is the middle one. Suitable for removing reinforcement, gel polish, base;
  • we do not recommend removing the coating to "zero", as the teeth are deeper and, accordingly, remove most of the coating at once, unlike the yellow one;
  • material: ceramics;
  • application: removing gel polish or removing calluses;
  • withstands dry heat treatment.

Disinfection of nozzles:

  1. Immerse the nozzle in a disinfectant solution in a special container or ultrasonic cleaner.
  2. Rinse with cold water.
  3. Clean with a brush and process with a dry heat or ultrasonic sterilizer.
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