Gel remover for cuticles Remover 60ml

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Gel remover for cuticles is an alkaline tool for softening cuticles, which contains special components that help remove keratinized areas of the skin. The remover moisturizes and nourishes the skin of all types. Its action is aimed at qualitatively but gently removing the cuticle. It does not cause discomfort and can be used both at home and in salon conditions.


  • Does not leave a burning sensation.
  • The tool dissolves the roughened cuticle well.
  • It has a moderately longer softening effect.
  • Does not harm the nail plate.
  • Does not dry out the skin and does not make burrs.
  • Does not cause discomfort.
  • Moisturizes the skin.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Can be applied to all fingers at once.
  • It is spent very economically.
  • Perfect for both professionals and home use.
  • It is not necessary to neutralize with water during operation.

Method of application:

  • After processing the cuticle with a cutter or pusher, apply the product to the skin around the nail and wait 2-3 minutes.
  • After that, wipe with a lint-free cloth and make a cut with cuticle scissors.
  • After that, you can still take the milling cutter and polish the cut.
  • Next, you must wash your hands with warm water, you can with soap.

WARNING! If the remover is not washed off with water, peeling of the coating may occur!
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