Top for gel polish without a sticky layer Top Non Wipe 13ml

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Top Non Wipe is a universal top without a sticky layer that keeps the shine for up to 4 weeks. It is better suited for dark shades, because it does not give a blue tint.


  • The consistency is medium, which allows you to comfortably work with the top without difficulty, does not flow under the cuticle and at the same time perfectly covers the nail plate.
  • Eliminates strong heating of the nail plate during the polymerization process, so it does not cause burning in the lamp.
  • Provides wearability without peeling for 3-4 weeks, provides strength and provides protection from external influences and minimizes the risk of damage.
  • It has a neutral smell.

Method of application:

  • Apply the top and dry for at least 120 seconds.
  • After drying, do not wipe the top or touch it with your fingers while it is dry
    do not cool completely, as this may cause the gloss to be lost.
    (Photos of the product on the website may differ from the real product)


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  • Self-pickup
  • Address delivery


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