Gel Tips Square Short

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In a package of 500 pcs.

Extension tips are used by professional nail masters to create long nails from short ones.

The durability of the materials is long, they can not be completely removed, but corrections can be made 1-2 times at most. They are strong, but plastic, which allows you to attach tips to the nails without additional effort. The tips are made of gel (acrylic) and can be dusted and soaked with gel polish remover.

It is best to attach them to the Rubber base from the Lunamoon brand , you can also try on a different base, but we recommend choosing materials from the same product.

- we do not do manicures;
- we take the length of the nail up to 1 mm;
- we push back the cuticle and baffle the nail;
- we degrease;
- apply primer/ultrabond;
- apply a Rubber base substrate and dry in a lamp for 30 seconds;
- we apply Rubber base to the tip and press it to the nail, it is important to press so that there is no air under the tip;
- dry in a lamp for 60 seconds;
- we do waxing and manicure;
- degrease and level with the base;
- cover with gel polish, top.

Size: 1.5 cm along the index nail
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